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Chinese Health Foundation Of Australia


2007 - 2012 Funded Programs:

(2007 - Present) Victorian Multcultural Commission Programs:

a/ Chinese Good Life Senior Club
b/ Moon Festival and Chinese Traditional Festival Programs
c/ Organizational Support Programs
d/ Strengthening Multicultural Community Grants Programs: Such as Know How Magazine in 2007
e/ Adina Ladies’ Club

2008 - Dental Health Project:

A Collaboration project with The University of Melbourne, in association with the Universities of New England (Armidale, NSW, Australia) and British Columbia (Canada)

2008-2009 Demystifying Mental Health in Ethnic Communities Project:

Mental Health program works very hard and closely with the Polish, Arabic, Cambodian and Macedonian communities. We were grateful for the Funding of the William Buckland Foundation and the Coles in enabling us to run this program.

(2008 to Present) Manningham Community Grants:

Such as: Music and Warmth for Manningham's Senior in 2008, Socialising Opportunity for the Chinese Restaurants Workers in Manningham City in 2011, etc.

(2009 to Present) City of Whitehorse Council Community Grants:

Such as: Whitehorse Obesity Awareness Program in 2011, Personal Hygiene and Public Health in 2014, etc.

2010 - National Aging Research Institute's Educational Program

This community-based project aims to develop and implement an education program on dementia for two rapidly growing older Asian communities, Chinese and Vietnamese living in Melbourne.

(2011 to present): Department of Planning and Community Program

Advanced Technology and Skills for Volunteers in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Volunteer Support Programs in 2016

2012 Hepatitis B Awareness Program Launch

On 27th July, 2012, the Program was officially launched by Cr. Robert Chong, Deputy Mayor Cr. Jennifer Yang, Dr. Robert Chen, President of CHFA Mr. Johnny Yu and Mr. Vincent Li JP with support from the Chinese Health Foundation of Australia.

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Address : Suite 12, Town Hall Hub 27 Bank Street, Box Hill Town Hall, Box Hill, VIC 3128